« Solar song W2 »

« The song of the sun...
for life after oil »

(W2 means: "World Wide" and "You too",
for both a global and an individual approach...)

words : Jean-Guy
music : Adrien B.

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« Solar song »

Here comes the song of the King Sun,
The one that rocks, that wakes you up,
The song for “Life after oil”, (1)
’Cause there’s a life after oil.
For me, thanks to the sun,
Life will not be the same at all,
Life will be much more beautiful.

« Solar song »

The Austrians for solar power,
Put solar cells on every roof ! (2)
And the Danish’s for windpower,
Have all windmills turn smooth and cool ! (3)
For me, it’s immediate !:
put solar cells on every roof !
raise blades along gardens and roads !

« Solar song »

Hurricanes, droughts, heat spells, scorchers,
Oceans rising, glaciers shrinking,
Greenhouse effect is our Titanic,
And our leaders, they do panic ! (4)
For me, stand up and fight ! :
Put sensors all over my skin :
Carbon dioxide, sweat and heat !

« Solar song »

Frozen strawberry from the Antarctic,
It’s not tasty, it is not « chic » !
The shops are full of plastic bags,
That pollute : petrochemicals !
For me, I’ve decided ! :
I take back my wicker basket
Go n’ buy apples at the market !

« Solar song »

Polyester, nylon, tergal
Chemical clothes, it’s so banal !
When winter comes, boiler heats up,
Fuel stinks too much, fuel costs too much!
For me, I’ve decided ! :
My fireplace full of firewood,
I wear cotton and knitted wool !

« Solar song »

Downtown blocked, stopped, jamed by the cars,
Bad stinking smells, no way forward,
Everyone drives their private car,
To do shopping, to get to work!
For me, let’s hurry up !
Throw out my air-cooled 4 Wheel-Drive
Downtown by bus subway or bike !

« Solar song »

The civilization of oil,
Tar, truck, diesel, car, gas, gas oil,
For one Yankee, 3 Chinese laugh,
Throw out their bikes, struggle for cars !
For me, I’ve decided ! :
I take the bus, sailboat or train,
And learn Chinese to convert them!

« Solar song »

2015, oil flows away !
2030, gas blows away ! (5)
It’s written in « Life after oil »,
That’s to tell you my deep turmoil !
For me, systematic ! :
For what still works on electric,
I choose the photovoltaic ! (6)

For us, we’ve decided ! :
We’ll make it all relocalized,
And first of all naturalized !
For our children, for our pension,
We’ll stop from tomorrow morning
The whole planet garbagizing !

« Solar song W2»

Here comes the song of the King Sun,
The one that rocks, that wakes you up,
The song for « Life after oil »,
’Cause there’s a life after oil.
For us, thanks to the sun,
Life will not be the same at all,
Life will be much more beautiful.


(1) « Life after oil » concept is developed in several recent books, among them «La vie après le pétrole» (life after oil) by Jean-Luc Wingert, editor Autrement frontières, Paris-France (May 2005), « Pétrole apocalypse » (Apocalypse oil) by Yves Cochet, editor Fayard (September 2005) and « Le plein s’il vous plaît! » (Full, please!) by Jean-Marc Jancovici, editor Seuil (February 2006).

(2) For thermal solar energy in the Europe of the 15 in 2003 : Leading countries are Austria with 3,347 square centimeters per inhabitant (id est a 60-centimeter-sided square), followed by Greece and Germany. France ranks 8th with 122 centimeters per inhabitant (id est an 11-centimeter-sided square) (source: Eurobserver 2003).

(3) For windpower : Denmark ranks first (45 watts per inhabitant), followed by Austria, Spain and Germany. France ranks 13th with 1.7 watts per inhabitant (source: Eurobserver 2003). In Danemark, aeolian farms are built in the sea along the seaside.

(4) See « Kyoto protocol », international UN agreement for reduction of CO2 gas emissions to reduce the Greenhouse effect.

(5) 2015 and 2030 dates are mentioned at least in « La vie après le pétrole » (Life after oil) book. According to Jean Laherrère’s simulation model, 2015 will be world peak for oil production; Then « depletion » will follow, meaning the inevitable decrease of production. Laherrère’s simulation curve is based on the « Hubbert curve » for USA. Peak of natural gas should take place only a few years later, in 2030.

(6) For photovoltaic energy in Europe, leading countries are Luxembourg and Germany with 4.8 Wc ( « Watts crest ») per inhabitant, France ranks 9th with 0.36 Wc (source: Eurobserver 2003) ».